Hawthorns Delightful detached cottage on the North Norfolk coast                                                                                   07903 837979 or 07975 882414

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Hawthorns is a dog friendly place, with an enclosed garden (although we cannot guarantee that it is dog proof - some dogs are very persistent!) and with the saltings so accessible, it is a great place for walks.


However, we do have some basic rules for visiting dogs to ensure that the garden is a safe and clean place for children, and to preserve the cleanliness and condition of the cottage.  


* Dogs are not allowed on the furniture - this includes beds, sofas and chairs.


* Downstairs only please.


* They must not be left unattended in the property.


* They should be provided with their own bedding and feeding bowls.


* Any deposits in the garden must be picked up and disposed of in bags.


* Please be considerate to visitors who may be staying nearby and do not allow your dog to bark constantly - one of the beauties of the                  site is the quiet and peaceful location.


It is recommended that you bring a couple of dog towels as they can get extremely wet and dirty out on the saltings (particularly if they like swimming).  There is a hose at the back of the house where dogs should be washed down before re-entering the cottage if they are in a dirty state.


As the main living area is open-plan, the soft sofas and chairs are very tempting for dogs at night-time, so please make sure that they can't get up and sleep on them.

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